Instagram In Twitter Language


Instagram finally made an update that will make life a lot easier to all of those who have different Twitter and Instagram user names. As long as your Twitter and Instagram are Linked together you can now mention someone (@@@@@ ) on Instagram and it will automatically translate the user name on your Twitter account. 

  • Example lets use my Twitter name @PaigeBing and say that my Instagram name is @LittleMissBing. If someone mentions me in an Instagram post it will still show me as @LittleMissBing, however because it is linked to my Twitter the photo will also post onto my twitter account but still under my Twitter name @Paigebing. A lot of people have already changed their Instagram or Twitter names to match one another, however this new Instagram improvement made it unnecessary for those to haven’t to worry anymore.

In other news Instagram’s popularity has sky rocketed since launched in October of 2010. In the month of August Instagram had 7.3 million users daily on their mobile applications, while Twitter fell behind with only 6.9 million daily mobile users in the month of August.  It has been said that Twitter users daily activity has increased at a much slower rate than Instagram.


For those who aren’t in-tune, Instagram is currently a mobile only application that started out only being available to Apple Iphone/Ipod/Ipad users. Once Instagram became available to Driod users it’s followers came booming in. It has been noted that a single Instagram users spends about 4 hours a day on the application while Twitter users spend about less then 3 hours a day (read more). Many believe that Instagrams users are piling in because it is still a younger/newer application while Twitter has been around since March of 2006. Facebook took over Instagram earlier this year for close to 1 billion dollars. However, although Instagram seems to be succeeding beyond expectations, Facebook is not. Twitter already has a plan to increase it’s mobile users, however what will be Facebook’s next step?

Facebook To One Billion & Beyond.

This week Facebook passed the finish line to whopping 1 BILLION users! For many people Facebook has become a part of their everyday lives, while for others Facebook has become what some would call a nuisance. When speaking with a group of my college friends this weekend we all discussed the evolution of Facebook. How a Facebook we once knew was a way to meet your college roommate, or speak with family and friends living faraway or abroad that you may not have been able to keep in touch with for long periods of time. Come to think of it Facebook was actually a social media site and not an advertising ploy with spam and popups all over your newsfeed. I found that after speaking with my friends that a lot of them weren’t considering themselves avid users on Facebook anymore. Many said they kept their Facebook for school projects or because a class require them to, while a lot discussed how sooner than later they will probably be deactivating their accounts.

Facebook Homepage 2005

Facebook Homepage 2007

Facebook Homepage 2012



When really digging down to the core problem of any social media website, a lot of us can agree that privacy definitely can play a huge role. I find that many people especially college students are leaning away from Facebook because of the constant changes and updates that are made. Facebook doesn’t necessarily give you the option whether or not to update your profile, it more so gives users a deadline before the change is automatic. For many of us this seems a bit forceful, as Facebook advances more and more details about users personal lives are a required and less privacy is available.

Thinking back to the “ice ages” when Facebook was just a simple social media website to catch up with friends and adding a few pictures, many of us realize these days are over. The simple Facebook profile no longer exists with updates such as “Timeline” and many more to come… we have found that now many are switching to simpler social media sites such as Twitter and Instagram where privacy isn’t yet a thing of the past.


The Next Billion

Now the real question lies how will Facebook prepare for it’s next billion users and what changes will this imply? It seems that this could be a finish line Facebook may never cross. With China not allowing users on the social media site we may see a major halt in Facebook’s growth and with most of Facebook’s leading users (U.S.) already onboard, it’s hard to imagine that Facebook can get much popular. China holding the number one spot in the worlds Internet use, Facebook may need to look extensively for other ways to get new members to join.

Social media in a professional world

When it comes to the professional world many people are wondering what social media websites will be the most beneficial for them to join. With social media exploding it’s hard to keep up with sites, and even harder to know which can actually benefit you in your profession. I am a member of several different social media sites and I find positives and negatives to all of them. In my opinion LinkedIn is the best professional social media website. I enjoy LinkedIn because it’s simple and not messy. LinkedIn allows you to have one profile picture, a little bio about yourself and then most importantly your resume. This is important in the professional world because it makes it easier for companies to reach you by surfing the web, instead of the traditional way. LinkedIn is a safe website in a professional aspect because it allows you to brand yourself with out giving too much away about your personal life. This is important to people like myself, because I know when I first joined Facebook and Twitter, I didn’t join them thinking that I could use them in my professional life someday. Luckily, I have always been someone who tries to filter what I put on my profiles and what I allow others to see that way I won’t be affected negatively in the future. Today, profiles on websites such as Facebook and Twitter can help your professionally as well, you just have to make sure you keep your privacy and remember to filter what’s appropriate and inappropriate. Profiles such as Facebook and Twitter allow you to follow company pages,  in some cases “like” company pages so that you can follow what that company is doing. Some company profiles will post up job opportunities or follow you back because of interests or “hashtags” you may talk about on your profile. With the way social media is expanding today and in the future I think many people will be jumping on the bandwagon to join sites. This means that you must position yourself professionally to stand out, in order to keep up with the competition.